Guide Days

A typical day with DNA Flyfishing starts and finishes with complete customer service and care.  We will choose our destination based not only on certain lakes that are producing, but also on client skill and fish preference.  There are numerous lakes we have in our operationg plan that can dictate ease of fishing for our beginners to tougher conditions for our slightly seasoned anglers where "matching the hatch" is critical for us to be successful, along with casting accuracy and increasing depth.  This information is pertinent for our clients to expose to us to ensure you are getting the most out of your day.  Our days start early, as our usual drive time is within an hours length to our destination(max.), so it is not rare for a 7am departure.  During the spring and fall months, it is not unusual to encounter cool mornings with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark to 10 degrees C'.  Preparation of layered clothing is a must to ensure comfort throughout the day.  We provide a hearty lunch with an ample supply of water and other non alcholic beverages and snacks as the days on the water are 8-9 hours in length and keeping fueled up is a must to be at the top of your game for that length of time.  We accomodate all food allergies and requests for lunches, so please let us know.


A full day of guiding with DNA Fly Fishing is not just for the seasoned angler, beginners have been successful on most occasions as the morning few hours will be based on instruction and how to cast a fly properly and the rest of the day learning how to read aquatic hatches and apply that knowedge to being able to hook, land, and release fish.  I find these days most enjoyable watching a beginner fly angler progress throughout the day with the ultimate prize of successfully casting his own fly, applying the proper retrieve, hooking and landing their fish on their own and releasing it unharmed. The smiles on their faces is priceless. 


 For the seasoned angler looking for a pay off of bigger fish, they already know the persistance it takes to do so.  The hunt for these illusive beauties is an adventure of its own, honing in on where they are, what depth they are at, and changing tactics to try to entice the bite.    The bigger fish are big for a reason, they are picky and like to hang out where pressure is less, that being depth and presenting exactly what they are eating with size and color at the utmost importance.  This is a learning experience for everyone involved and can be humbling at times, but we never give in.

I have been fortunate enough over the years to have surrounded myself with great fly fisherman such as the late Gordon Honey and in most recent years, Brian Chan of Riseform Fly Fishing Services.  Both of these professional anglers have passed on knowledge to me that you can't buy from and I enjoyed every minute of being on the water with them.  Not only for their different approaches to angling but their personalities while on and off the water.


Join us for a day with DNA Fly Fishing, the experience and knowledge you will gain fly fishing in the Kamloops and surrounding area you will use for a lifetime of angling.